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Re: Who else is dealing with lots of contractions tonight

Soooo nice to know I'm not just a weird case. I went into serious pre-term labor at 32 weeks(Labor Day-ironically), was given meds to slow down my contractions to 2-3/hr and put on bed rest which helped me get to 36 weeks. I've been off meds for a week and a half now and my contractions are still coming-stronger than before but still irregular(mostly later in the day, lost my plug the thursday before last and experiencing bloody show on/off. I did begin to dilate at 34 weeks but as of now I'm only at 1cm so still have a ways to go. My doctor figured because they had to put me on meds to control the contractions that soon after I stopped them I'd go into labor but nothing yet. Guess she's decided to stick around in there a bit more- so I have no idea when she's
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