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Re: Back at Work ans Stressed Out - Help!

I'm right there with you! Evenings are SO hard! I have 5 kids, one of which is a baby who will not let me put her down once I'm home, and one is a 2 year old who's just plain crazy.

I have to pack 4 lunches every night too. One time this week I was just too tired and too busy and never got lunches packed. Luckily, dh saved the day and brought me and the older girls McDonalds to school (I teach at their school). The girls were SO mad at me b/c they thought they were going to starve LOL.

I guess I am realizing that I have to let some things go, and let others pick up the slack when I just can't. It's still so hard though.

ETA little side note: Note to self-buy some food to keep at school in case of emergency LOL
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