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Originally Posted by Melinda29
No Santa here. I cannot lie to my kids. I just can't.

Christ's birth is special and magical enough by itself for Christmas. I am really confused as to why Christians would need to add to that...Is He not good enough?

To this day I get SO EXCITED by the "magic" of Christmas, and what is so cool is that my excitement is based on something that is real and I know it, not a made up story.

My kids totally know the story of Santa, they even like to play the santa story like they play out Thomas the Train stories. But I cannot tell them he is real, just like I can't lie to them that Thomas the Train is really truly real, even thought they would REALLY LOVE IT if I did .

Beyond those reasons, I really don't want to confuse them. Santa and Christ have some very similar qualities--omniscient, kind and loving, impossible to see or hear but you can see what they do for people, etc. How can I reasonably say that both exist and then retract one later, without them possibly retracting the other along with it? Why world I take such a risk, however small it may be?
I agree very much with this. The holidays are magical enough
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