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Re: The Verizon lady...

I do this at work. I don't curse because, customer or not it is not professional and i would hate for my supervisor to hear me saying such stuff. I do however put a customer on hold or mute my phone and rant about their stupidity or bad attitude. It doesn't mean I don't like my job. It does mean that I don't like the disgusting customers I have to deal with throughout the day.
When people call and are nasty rude from the get go(not saying you were nasty OP) don't realize they are ruining their chances of getting what they want. Some of my accounts I DO have the ability to comp them for this or that but it is at my discretion. When I get told I need to close my mouth and listen with BOTH my ears, nope sorry, I'm not going to honor your expired coupon. It's expired. But call in and say you have a problem you would like me to help you resolve I would be happy to refund you the difference of the items you bought that are now on sale.
Not saying you were wrong for asking for a sup or getting comped for the reps rudeness. Just giving a little inside perspective from a customer service rep.
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