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Re: How to lower water bill

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post
I could actually try that even just in my washer rather than buckets. We have a small space (less than 500 sq ft, counting storage and laundry room) and itd be almost impossible to keep my kids out of the buckets.

But I could fill our washer to the smallest level with hot & add bleach and soap & agitate for a moment to mix. Then add clothes and just let it soak (rather than agitate on hot with a low water level, which I've discovered promotes pilling).

Then maybe fill it the rest of the way with warm and start that warm/warm/warm cycle...
That's definitely worth a shot!
You would be going straight to step three of your cycle.

Oh, even I cant keep my kids out of the buckets, esp'lly a bucket of soapy, bubbly water. I keep my bucket/s in the bathroom. You could keep them in the tub, empty the bucket out after the soak and take only the wet dipes in the bucket to the w/m.

But, yeah, like you said already, you could do the soak in the washer. BUT drain it after the soak. So there's that much less urine+bleach+soap for the next cycle to clean.

Also,you probably dont need to add bleach every cycle, maybe just the alternate loads. Your sons undies now I think really need bleaching. If they are stinking that much, just handwashing isnt cutting it. You'll probably have to soak them in a small container with bleach and soap.
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