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Re: santa or not to santa?

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
My girls believe in Santa, but know the guy in the mall isn't the real Santa. Just someone helping out getting Santa all the Christmas gift ideas.
This is my kids, too. They know the Santa at the mall is someone play-acting, pretending to be Santa, spreading more Christmas love. Just as the baby in the manger in the Sunday School play is not really Jesus.

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
I set out to not to Santa with my boys. I mean like hard core thought it was wrong. Told them it was mommy and daddy. And last Christmas my oldest said "Mom, I do believe in Santa."
And at that moment I realized that he had that choice to make and we raise them to make their own choices and follow their hearts and beliefs. And I decided to believe right along with them And it was so incredibly fun! The whole season was so very different. And we are really looking forward to it again this year too!
Obviously I am on Team Santa, but regardless of Santa or no Santa, I love this post.

Originally Posted by Fashionably Green Baby View Post
Obviously we are pro Santa here and I anticipate that lying to my kids about santa is probably not going to cause them any damage
You'd be surprised. There are people who feel very hurt by the deception of Santa. BIL is one of them.

I was just chatting with my DH about this. He teaches grade six and often encounters kids who still believe, or who still want to believe. He just had a conversation with a girl yesterday about Santa, coming from a conversation about the tooth fairy not being real. She said, "Mr. M, the tooth fairy, isn't real. Kind of like Santa.... right?" and looked doubtfully at him. He told her he does believe and when she asked why, he said because it is more fun to believe for him. She liked that (disclaimer: he did email with the parents about this conversation ).
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