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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

MSS-Did you make pumpkin pickles yet? Thoughts on them?

Chloecat-house news? I cant imagine having to move with children!

Dh is done harvesting this year. He washed and put away the corn picker and "alligator" (elevator) as my 2 yr old calls it.

I injured a chicken while moving the pen and so we had to butcher it early. It was my first time butchering a chicken and it went well. My dh would much rather pay someone else 2.25 to do it for us though! He will butcher a whole cow, but thinks a chicken is a pain in the butt. Haha. Next spring i will be raising Freedom Rangers. I have heard they are much hardier and the cost is about the same because they eat less, but take more time to reach butchering weight.

Yesterday the kids and i picked our last bag of apples for the year. Apple butter is in the crockpot and i have plans of apple pies (anyone know how they freeze?), apple baked oatmeal, and lots of lunches.

Better go wake up dh so he can go milk the cows, then i need to take care of chickens, feed children (loce having muffins in the freezer, readyto pull out). Moving some furniture today, making freezer meals, and keeping the children alive... gotta love being a woman. I am hoping to finish 2 scalloped,fabric banners i saw from a blog. I have vintagey fabric all cut and ready to sew up. Fun decorations for baby girl's birthday coming up. The other is for my sil's baby, to put around her bassinet in the hospital when she is born.

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