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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
Well, fall has come and it's time to worm my girlies for the first time. None are symptomatic so I have mixed feelings on the matter but I think the benefits outweigh the risk. Was thinking I'd use ivermectin. Supposedly this one you can still use the eggs? How do you all dose? Water would probably be the easiest if I could do that, no chasing everyone and stressing them out. I'm also concerned because I read Ivermectin is a crawling parasite treament as well and my girls have already been frontlined. Thoughts?
Liz- you got the alcohol based pouron right? To tell the truth, like i said there is no real evidence about it causing issues with eggs. Most people just opt to toss. We eat them. I though I posted about how I used it? Maybe not. I filla rx measure cup with baby oil, use a syringe with needle, fill to .5 with iver and up to on with oil, shake well and apply to the skin between their sholders. Same thing with older pullets and full growns, but I add 1 cc iver and 1 cc of baby oil, shake and apply. I think I repeated 2 weeks later. I did the wazine with is because it comvers some intestinal worms which iver doesn't. I had the worrysome event some had to cover all the bases. I do the same with anyones I bring in too. I think the frontline shouldn't be n issue? Wasn't that about 2 weeks back? Oh, the reasion I mix with baby oil is it evaporates so fast. It's also a little tough on skin and the oild seriously helps with that.

Originally Posted by dangerbunny View Post
Anyone else have Silkies? I just hatched out our last batch of chicks this year and am really tempted to keep the silkies that I got for my mom

Here's the blog post if you wanna see pics, they are so cute!
Poor Ray wants one soooo bad! I havn't come actross any local enough yet though. LOVE them!
Originally Posted by Happy Mommax4 View Post
Thanks everyone. Sarah thanks for the recs, I was able to find a few things you mentioned at TSC. We have no s/sx of infestation but at this point I'm not willing to have anymore of my girls go through that, just in case.

I also just thought Chicca was molting, she was her perky self and lost some plumage but if was coming back. I figured w the fall that this was her first molt. So I'm still just heart broken.

Is there anything special to clean the coup w Liz? I'm gonna do some pine bedding this time around.

Those silkie Chics are so cute! I'm not sure ill ever be brave enough for the hatching part! Also not all of my girls make a ton of noise when they lay, also some of them do lay in odd places now n then.

Ill be hopefully posting pics w names and demographics tomorrow. Also about our pups, you know it's just 6 n 1 and 1/2a dozen, we like to leave our girls forage in the evening. Any other time they're enclosed. So sometimes the pups would get outta hand while they were out. Other times a chicken would get outta the enclosure or not come in at night.

So for now ill keep my pups tied unless they are strictly supervised. Our new enclosures pretty big so I'm not sure about the foraging daily, plus some of our neighbors don't like chickens in their yard as much as we do LOL!! Even on three primarily wooded country acres I still need to deal w this!

Thanks again everyone
This is a bit on the more extream sid eof cleaning, buy ya'll know I have my cleaning ways. I fill a pump sprayer with soapy bleach water. I remove all bedding and scrape out poo. Then I spray it all down really well. I then let it soak and spray it out with water. Easiest way for me. I trust the bleach mixes with dawn. Bleach almost instantly starts breaking down into it's original eliments after use. The coop is right on that hillside so it washes out pretty well. The dang hose is a smidge too short. Yugh.
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