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Re: This made me cry first and then made me get out my camera.

I think it's an excellent reminder to everyone. I 100% completely agree with the article and have been saying it for a long time myself.

Unfortunately it's difficult though to follow my own advice. Being a photographer, it's just expected that I am the one taking the pics. I am always the one behind the camera. It's difficult to be in the pics when you are the one pushing the shutter button. Taking pics of myself takes quite a bit of effort. And getting anyone to take pictures OF me is kind of a pain. DH is a typical guy regarding pics, so when I hand him the camera and tell him to take pics, he gets stupid and deliberately takes REALLY bad ones or pointless crap like pics of the ceiling fan, back of my head, etc.

My MIL passed away August of 2011, so a little over a year ago. My youngest was not quite a year old yet. There is ONE single picture in existence of my MIL and her youngest granddaughter. One. There are NO pictures, as in zero, of my MIL and all her granddaughter's together. There are NO pictures of DH's entire family, like nothing that includes MIL and FIL and SIL and BIL and DH and I and the girls. NOTHING. Her only grandson will be born any day now and he will never have the opportunity to meet her...but in pictures, it looks like her other grandkids barely met her either. It's really sad and makes me sad for them and makes me feel guilty because I didn't push for it either. There are plenty of pics of my whole family together, all 20 of us, but I couldn't get the 8 or 9 of us together to get pics on DH's side.
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