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Originally Posted by Puppydog
Does anyone else have a DH that is bone idle when it come to the house?

I am a bit pernickity about the house. I HATE food being left out over night.

DH cooked last night to "give me a break". The problem is, when he cooks he makes a huge mess and doesn't clean as he goes. So use spoon, throw it in the sink (dry sink). Need another spoon, take clean one, throw it in the sink. He uses ALL the pots etc.

I came home and the dishwasher was full. He had not thought to switch it on. He just throws everything in the dry sink. So I switch it on. He moans because he wanted to jam more into it. It doesn't clean properly if its over full.

He complains if I try and tidy around him when he is cooking so I have to leave the kitchen.

Well, after dinner I go to clean up the HUGE mess. He tells me to leave it, he will do it. Now I KNOW he won't. So we go to bed with the kitchen in a mess and food left out. I'm trying to not nag so much so it took everything in me to not complain.

He told me last night that he is picking his business partner up early and going to a market. (I'm working this am).

He gets up early. I lie in bed waiting to hear kitchen sounds. Nothing. Nothing at all. Eventually, at 7am I get up and clean the kitchen. He complains from the couch that he was going to do it when he got back from the market. Which is bull. He know it and I know it. He knows me well enough to know that I won't leave it until after work or after he comes home!!

Why can't he understand that mess causes me anxiety? He is SUCH a slob. Its like he takes pleasure in being disgusting.

Like last night I had to explain to him that if he pulls the handle up half way through a flush the toilet will REEK of urine. These are things he should know! He is a grown man.

We just had an altercation because he threw his pyjamas in the magazine rack next to his side of the bed!!! Surely a grown man KNOWS that those go into his cupboard and not on the floor or a magazine rack!! I'm actually close to tears over this.

It was SO nice while he was away. My house was a home. It was tidy, neat and clean. Not a freaking student digs. It is honestly one of the only two things we EVER fight about. The other being his crazy sister.

My DH is the same way. He cooks and it looks like a tornado hit my kitchen. His clothes make it next to the basket. He will not clean without me asking him eleventy billion times. I also have two boys. The baby isn't a big deal. I would love if the 4.5 year old could get all his pee IN the toilette. But it is more tolerable from them because they are kids. He is an adult. Plus, my 4.5 year old has been taught to put dishes in the sink, throw trash away, etc

My husband is great with a lot of things. Day to day tidying is not one of them.
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