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Originally Posted by Bhavana
I didnt look up your previous posts, but do you have kids? I ask, because your loos WILL stink...hey your house will stink in spots when you are potty training your kids and if you have a little boy, its not just the toilet, but the area AROUND the toilet that'll stink.
I hope my question wasnt offensive, but since there was no mention of a child, Im hoping I was right.

You two seem like a loving couple. If you are yet to have kids(or have a newborn) This problem of yours IS NOT a problem. Your kids are going to be throwing stuff around left right and centre, and you'll be glad your dh at least threw his pyjamas next to HIS side of the bed. And not at the front door.

And if you have me quick and I'll delete this post.
As a mother of 4 I have THE.EXACT.SAME. issues with my dh. I swear I could have written the op. at least her dh flushes half way. My dh leaves pee in the toilette. We don't flush every time to conserve water but he'll leave the overnight pee then add first am pee and NOT flush Honestly the more kids we have the MORE frustrating it is that the grown man isn't putting his clothes in the hamper. How do you teach children to be neat if you can't teach your dh?
Ok now my blood pressure is all up
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