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Re: minimal weight gain

I was 50 lbs overweight when I got pregnant with DD (I'm short, what can I say!) I lost 12 lbs from MS in the first trimester, gained that back and then 10 more by the end of the pregnancy. The 'extra' 10 lbs came right off after delivery and I was in my pre-pregnancy "fat" jeans after 6 weeks of c-section healing (the button rubbed the worst).

Now I am 33 weeks pregnant with DS. I weighed exactly the same as last time when I started this pregnancy. I lost only 8 lbs this time with MS and then gained them back in the 2nd trimester. I have not gained anything additional to that yet. I know I may gain another 5-8lbs before the end here, but I am holding steady thanks to a good GD diet. I would love to end up 5-10 lbs in the negative after this pregnancy... so I can be well on my way to losing the 50 lbs for good

I wish you (and all the mammas) a continued healthy pregnancy!
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