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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

Originally Posted by KaleidoscopeEyes View Post
we dont celebrate xmas anyway but we did the first 2 years after ds1 was born. x was very passionate about not doing santa or any other mythical gift giving character. he felt very deceived when he found out he had been lied to all those years about santa. he did not want to do that to his kids as well. and i personally dont like the way most parents use santa as a way to get good behavior from their children. ive heard so many say "you need to be good if you want santa to bring you something this year" the whole santa thing never appealed to me. as a child i was very skeptical and knew that something was going on around age 5.
Yes that's what I was saying in my post too. It, honestly, makes me feel sick to hear parents basically tell their kids "well if you don't behave you won't get a bunch of gifts". As if kids want STUFF for their good behavior. I have vivid memories of being very young and having my grandmother tell me those things, and it broke my heart that she couldn't talk to me on a level that didn't involve bribery. And the idea that on Christmas you find out if you were "good enough" all year.

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