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Originally Posted by slyfoxy
I wanted to get on here really fast an say I've had 2 horrible days. Yesterday got a call my MIL had fell at wal-mart the night before an broke her hip so she had to have surgery an put a pin in then she will not be coming home for a while their putting her in a nursing home to help her. Then I started spotting later last night n today the darn witch showed. So I'll be going to my RE 11th of oct to get ready for my surgeries on 23 of oct but I'm going to ask him can I have it done earlier so I can get back to TTC ASAP.

I've been very depressed as I was really hopeing for a BFP this time around. That would make a wonderful birthday gift for my mother as she's in her early 70's plus her birthday is oct 16 an has been in the nursing home for almost a month due 3 mini strokes an now my MIL broke her hip. We wished could give them great news but nope. I'm so that we don't get too. Maybe when have my surgeries things will change. Maybe get a BFP for Christmas I hope. I'm started get tried of nothing but BFN.

Too everyone else I hope you all get your BFP very soon. Me now be on the sideline for maybe 2 months before getting to TTC again but going to ask the doctor when we may can straight again after my surgeries. this is all need to get a BFP.
So sorry mama! I know this TTC journey can be so hard at our age. I have had 3 M/Cs this year & I never dreamed that would happen to me. Everything is in God's time & when it happens for you it will be perfect! that all goes well with your RE appt & your surgeries. So sorry about your MIL & will be praying for her as well. Would you like for me to put you in the cheerleaders with me until you're able to start trying again? Just let me know.

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