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Re: Swagbucks Challenge Thread - October

Originally Posted by Arizonah13 View Post
I managed to qualify for a 250 point survey for watching a 20-ish minute show. All was great until they wanted me to watch a handful of shorter clips and promo things that required a different extension to watch and chrome would not let me download or play the clips. I panicked since I had already devoted 20+ minutes into watching this show so I had to just sit and wait for a couple minutes for each one and BS my way through the questions. Uncomfortable! (and not sure why they chose a different program or whatever between the show and the shorter clips). But I got my sweet, sweet points anyway! Phew!
Chrome did the same to me and I waited but it wouldn't let me go forward (Guess I didn't wait long enough?) I was so mad!

Also, the show was terrible. I thought maybe my bad reviews cut the survey off, hahahahaha!
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