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Re: Luteal phase question

Originally Posted by ChihuahuaMama13 View Post
I have no clue she said she thinks it'll help, but she wants me to take Metformin for a full year before starting something else. Irritating...
While Metformin alone can help and did allow me to get pregnant with no other intervention, it only takes 3 months to hit its peak in your system. Once you are on it 3 months, you can take clomid to get pregnant faster than waiting a full year. I did this with my first. Metformin reverses the effects of PCOS and makes your reproductive organs "normal" again so that year would be like if you were TTCing for the first time. I did not want to wait that long after waiting 3 years and 5 losses. I asked for Clomid and got PG on round 2. I would ask why she is making you wait above and beyond 3 months to integrate the medication.
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