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Re: Thread Killers - A place to chat, make friends and support one another! Join us

Wow - new mamas WELCOME!

Sometimes this thread turns into one of us talking to ourself - lol. We've had many, many sweet mamas come and go from our little corner of DS. I hope you both stay and chat a while! Sarah and I have been here for a few months, Justina is a little newer and it seems like we lost Kris --- KRIS WHERE ARE YOU???

Thanks for all the birth - day wishes. Sarah it was DS's bday not mine but he's my oldest so his tenth birthday is also ten years of being a mom for me. (LOL I just realized how obvious that statement is BUT in my defence I am just getting over the flu and it's the middle of the night and I can't sleep)

So it is our Thanksgiving this weekend and I am going to make the 2nd turkey I've ever made. The first one was 12 years ago! I've tried a few times but either my mil or mom is around and they take over and chase me out of the kitchen. I really can't cook (!!) but I'm never going to learn without being given a chance either. I think when DH is done at school in March I am going to find some cooking classes - either then or maybe next fall. He is a great dad but the house kind-of falls apart when I am gone. Our youngest will be almost a year then though so hopefully he can keep it together for a few hours once a week. Right now if I go out I KNOW I am going to be walking back in to a disaster. I guess I need to talk to him about that actually it's just not worth the fight when I know it isn't on purpose he just can't keep up and at least they are safe - if filthy. I just never leave - lol 5 kids and 4 pets and 20 farm animals is REALLY a two person job.
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