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Originally Posted by CaliRoll
De-lurking to say our local hospitals don't circ anymore. If you want it done, the pediatrician does it at the first well check but not after two weeks old. After that age, you have to find a urologist to do it, and some make you wait until baby is 6mo or even 12mo before they'll do it. One urologist said even then, only if medically necessary.

All that to say, if the adoptive parents want the circ, they need to find out ahead of time if the hospital will do it and if not, what the protocol is for getting it done.

Again, that's just the local hospitals here in central California. I can't speak for any other area.
Same in my central ca town. We were not allowed to because first and second little men were fosters. But, our pedi won't do it after 3 weeks old regardless. And hospitals don't do them here anymore.
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