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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

Haha! It's so funny you mentioned oats. We ran out of feed a week befor emy check came this month. I cooked daily for the, Huge pots of oatmeal, giant loaves of bread and buiscuits, huge pots of boiled potatoes. Now there's spoiled, lol. also took a bunch of extra veggies and mad eveggie soup. What they really like is a pan of fresh bread and pour a container of almond milk to sop in it.

The only reasion we medicate them is becaus ewe have a big problem with ur location and wildlife bringing in disease. They have had some pretty serious symptoms a cpl times. Now I just keep up with prevention with bringing in new hens. I'm gonna toss some soil in our brooder bins when the chicks hatch. I read it they are exposed to their natural soil, they can be immuned to the ickies like cocci. Have to start with small doses, then they will be fine out in the coop and running free. I think I just about have everything worked out.

I bought the stuff to to the waterer warmer! Now gotta find a 3/8 drill bit. I got one light, need one more. I cleaned the coop really well yesterday with all this rain and mud it had gotten super bad. I'm gonna pull the nest boxes out and add 2 more so I can rearange. I have 2 that don't get used and the little cochin keeps hideing behind in the one spot. There are other places to hid so I need to block that off. I can't easily clean back there.

Oh shoot. I LOVE the little jacket! Ray would have a hissy if I did that. How precious! I may need to make a little quilt jacket for Tinket, the itty cochin. She's almost trippled in size now, but not enough I feel comfy for her to stay watm while outside. Something to think on.

So I scoared you guys! I found a corn/walnut shucker, antique cast iron yesterday. $35. But, I have it cleaned up now and I'l oiling it and gonna cure it so we can use it next yera. Ray is gonna help me with taking down some more trees so I have more garden room. We're gonna bring the main garden all the way up to the house! That'smore than double. I'm gonna go with something like poplar logs to do some raised beds. The ground is down to the bed rock/gravel layer up there. Hopeless. The previous owners stripped all the top soil, hence all my issues with depleate dirt. I'm composting everthing i can get my hands on. We also plan to get loads and loads of cow manure. One guy had an add that he would load. Gotta find him again!

Ray also agreed to start saving up for a dairy goat for Cayden! The allergist is confident he'll do well with it.
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