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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Don't be embarrassed at all. My friend saw me change my boy's diaper and she said "Oh! THAT'S what it looks like!" It turns out she had never even seen her baby boy before they circumcised him... and he was a preemie! She'd never seen any uncircumcised penis ever. I'm sure this sounds judgmental, but now I sort of assume that if someone is pro-circ there's a good chance they have little to no experience with penises in their natural state. I don't mean I think I need to educate them, but I definitely don't feel intimidated by someone who has less knowledge and experience about a subject. KWIM? The flip side of that is I'm probably not going to preach to them about the pain of circ because I don't know, but if they bring it up I might ask about how it went for their boys.
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