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Originally Posted by slimy72
What a mentally taxing night. They discovered a new lesion in dh's brain (for those who are new he was diagnosed with MS last year and didn't respond to the drugs). It completely explains his sudden weakness, inablility to walk at times, and everything else crazy that has been happening. All of his other lesions are inactive, this one is coming on hard and fast right in the middle of his brain (most are on his spine). They put a port in tonight at the Chemo lab and he has to go back in for another infusion of the steroids to try and get this under control. Just once I wish we could have a nice normal friday night. But I had a fun "date" with my son to the cafeteria while dad got his meds since he was way to sick to drive himself. It was a two hour wait so we went shopping to get some juice, gatorade, bananas you know food for people who feel like crap and can't keep much down. But of course we picked up extras. Then ds has been insisting that he doesn't want his hair cut unless we get a cape and no itch powder like grandma used on him last time. So we stopped by Sally's and got that. All told I spent about $35 that wasn't planned. I know we'll be fine but to many more of these "because we're in town and I"m stressed out" shopping trips and we won't be. I need to get a plan in place.
I'm so sorry. You are all in my prayers!

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