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Re: Because this is a well visited forum, I need some help. Update #29

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
OP, I think you really need to consolidate you care. Seeing the urologist, OB, PCP and the ED all for pain meds is going to come across to some as seeking behavior. I would be concerned if I were one of your providers and you related your story to me. You have multiple oral narcotics at home and are looking for narcotics by routes that are faster/more concentrated than oral and now you have more than one prescription for fentanyl from more than one different doc. I am not accusing you of seeking, but from the outside, you have some behaviors that may look that way. I would suggest talking to your OB about how to control your heartburn so you can use oral meds to control your pain. The other option is to simply fill your prescription and worry about insuance reimbursement later.

You might look for another urologist, but I suspect that it will be difficult to find one willing to put in a stent until you deliver. You have mentioned having no evidence of stones other than the pain. I still don't understand this statement. If they are seeing stones when they scan you, why do the say they don't see evidence? Lastly, i would be straining my urine every time to try to catch a stone.

I had a lot of pain when I was pregnant too. I had an rx for lortab, and only used it for a week or so, even though my rx was for much longer. Just having some in case I needed it made the pain easier to deal with, if that makes sense. what really helped me was seeing a psychologist and taking classes on how to naturally cope with pain (meditation, relaxation techniques, keeping stress to a minimum, diet, etc). Even if you can't completely stop taking medication, it might help you get away with taking a lower dose.
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