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Re: Because this is a well visited forum, I need some help.

Originally Posted by kaylabelle05 View Post
I totally get what you are saying. And this has been my fear since this first started back in 2005. With DD, I had blood in my urine until 36 weeks and then no more blood. It totally stopped. By that time I had been in the ER over 10 times, admitted 4 times for pain control and I have no idea how many stone passed as I never caught any but they kept disappearing and reappearing in the U/S they did.

I honestly have tried oral narcotics. In fact, I had way too many at home. they kept giving them to me even after I asked them not to. I didn't use them and if I did, it was 1-2 per bottle of 30. And now my heartburn told me this weekend (I was trying to stay out of the ER as DH & DS were camping) that that was a bad idea. I slept upright with my chest on fire from my heartburn. With Zantac being taken at every Vicodin dose plus Mylanta and Rolaids.

I have tried Dilaudid too. And I have BAD reactions to it; projectile vomiting, uncontrollable shaking, and hallucinations.

And because I have been through this over 20 times, I know what works and what doesn't. I would take Toradol in a heartbeat but I can't while pregnant. And not one medical person has given me a safe alternative for pain control while pregnant other than narcotics. Trust me, I have been asking since my first attack in April 2005.

I know that everything I have done, said, or tried makes it sound like I am drug seeking. But how does one get around that if they actually have a pain problem? And I tried Pain Management. They won't take me until I deliver.

I have done everything I have been asked to do and even did things (like contact Pain Management and Urology without anyone referring me) that I figured wold be helpful. I listed to what my doctors tell me to do and ask them what I need to do to help them and help myself. I do not like the position I have been put in.
I really have compassion for your situation because I've been in a similar one. When not pregnant I suffer from cysts on my ovaries. I have had a few ruptures, but whenever they do an ultrasound they don't see anything in the area. The cyst have been about 7mm-8mm so the amount of fluid in my abdomen is miniscule, doesn't mean It's not extremely painful, but I had a PA call me a drug seeker (And that was the FIRST time I ever went to the ER for pain for anything). When I called my OB, who diagnosed the cysts, she told me an ultrasound would not even show a rupture unless it was a massive cyst. Anyway, my idea is that you bring your bottles full of pain meds to show them you CANNOT take them. I have never met an addict (Sadly I know quite a few) that can have narcotics in their possession for months. Mostly people end up in the ER because they run out. I would think it is very rare for someone to only come to the ER for an IV fix without having a narcotic addiction. I would think that would be proof even for Dr. Y. I know how frustrating it is to be in a lot of pain with no way to prove it. I wish they had some kind of machine they could hook up to your brain to prove you are in pain and the level, then they would KNOW who was lying and who wasn't. I hope if this happens again you get treated better.
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