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Re: My nursling is 3!

Originally Posted by MonkeyBean415 View Post
Wonderful mama! Happy Birthday C!! We're almost exactly one year behind you. DD just turned two! Hopefully I'll see you here again in another year
Yay! Hope to see you back in a year as well.

Originally Posted by TeachinAuntie View Post
Congratulations on making it to such an awesome milestone!!! I'm 13 days behind you!

to your big boy!!

Happy "Birth" Day to you!
Aww, thanks mama! Happy early 3 years to you too.

Originally Posted by Art mama View Post
Way to go mama! I nursed my first until a couple of months before her 3rd bday when she self weaned. Never understood the extended nursing until I had one of my own
Thanks! Woo hoo for extended nursing.

Originally Posted by JackieMarieVDV View Post
Wow way to go! My nursling is only 16 months and is now nursing only 2x daily. I wish I could go that long, but I would have so many obstacles (mostly in the form of people's comments, and I just care too much what ppl say unfortunately). Good for you though!
Aww, sorry mama! If you ever need to vent or just need encouragement you can pm me.

Originally Posted by tmwmommy View Post
Congrats! My dd also nursed to age 3. Then by 3 1/2 she weaned and never looked back.
That's wonderful. But don't scare me. I hope we have another year or so left.

Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
Congratulations! My older nursling just turned 4 and still loves to nurse a couple of times a day. You never know how long they'll go!
Totally hope that's us too! He's still going pretty strong at 6ish times a day. Awesome job yourself.
Originally Posted by Fairycat View Post
Congrats and what a cutie! Also so glad to find this! Ds was three in August and still nursing it's nice to not feel alone.
Yay!! We're close. How often is your DS nursing now? I like hearing about others nursing relationships.
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