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Originally Posted by GEM Cloth
My DH does not clean. I would like for him to but honestly it is not an issue because he isn't going to do it and I'd be fighting a losing battle trying to get him to. He cooks from scratch and makes a horrible mess but I know he is not going to clean it up so there is no use in me getting upset about it. I just know to enjoy my meal and then go clean up the mess. He throws his clothes in the floor but after a little prodding for 16 years he doesn't leave his shoes and socks in the living room anymore and I consider this wonderful. He is not the neatest person in the world but really that is a minor flaw when I consider what a wonderful human being he is. I have learned to turn my head about a lot of things and pick my battles with DH and the kids. It's better to have a little messy house and peace among its inhabitants than a spotless house and five upset people.
I fully expect my DH to not clean, and am pleasantly surprised when he does pick up after himself. However, I still occasionally feel pangs of anger when he leaves a mess. Knowing he's leaving it for ME to clean up irks me on those days. Like I don't have enough to do around here without him deliberately making more work for me.
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