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Re: Frustrated with DH

dh's mom like is such a bad house keeper he must have gotten that from her. it's really frustrating because when i cook i clean as i go along. when i start a project i finish it before i stop. yesterday when i left the house there was no dishes in the sink. i came home and his mom had made 2 sinks full of dishes in the 5 hours were were gone then she went to bed i freaking hate waking up to a mess, i cant even cook in there. thankfully she's in there now washing them.

so dh will go in the kitchen while im cooking and he'll wash dishes but then it's only one dish strainer full. he doesnt just put them away and keep washing. he also doesnt wipe anything down we honestly wouldnt have that many dishes if his mother wasnt here making such a mess. i cant wait for her to move out. dh told me that washing dishes made him feel depressed? weird. he does a good job taking out the trash, lawn and caring for the kids and animals.

dh is the SAHP, i do my fair share around the house but i expect that he's going to be doing housework. with my ex i pretty much did it all and he sat on his butt the whole time, i will not be doing that again

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