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Re: Does anyone handwash their clothes?

I started handwashing a couple years ago when we were stuck in an apt & the laundrymat fees were ridiculous. I mostly use the bathub & the plunger method. I used to hand wring or use a mop bucket wringer to get the water out - it helps, but is hard on your hands & doesn't get all the water out/things take a while to dry. DH bought me a wringer & it was a lifesaver - gets more water out than a dryer. I either line dry inside on a piece of bailing twine we have strung up inside or outside on a line DH made for me. Before having the lines (when living in an apt), I used every place available to dry like shower curtain rod, backs of chairs, etc. Also used a fan to help get things dryer faster. Now I don't need the fan since I have the wringer, but when the clothes were super wet, it would take too long to dry w/o a fan & sometimes get a funky smell after.

If you want to try the plunger method, just get a cheap new plunger & cut holes in it. Or you can try it with your feet - I did that before DH fashioned my plunger & me or the kids would stomp the clothes. Just be careful if you're not using a natural/gentle detergent b/c it can irritate the skin. I've done the bucket method too (or used an old rubbermaid bin) but it seems messier to me, so I suggest doing it outside. And for larger loads, the buckets take a while.

GL & feel free to PM if you want me to answer more questions - I don't always follow threads.
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