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Re: Does anyone handwash their clothes?

And as far as encouragment - it is totally doable & you can definitely get your clothes just as clean as any washer. It is a physically demanding job though, so you may find yourself sore or having discomfort in spots you haven't before, but it will go away once your body creates the muscle memory. DH & I bough have done the handwashing here & it just got to be part of our routine. I don't actively wash when I do a load (like get it all done that second). I let things soak, come back to agitate later, drain, come back to fill the tub for a rinse, agitate, drain & then put the clothes into 5 gallon buckets & take outside & wring them out, then hang. A scrub brush or washboard is good to have on hand for stains that need special attention.
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