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Originally Posted by miraclebaby
The only child covered is the baby, who only ever is here when i'm working, at my home where he can't come. The problem is he hasn't been served.

Yesterday our phones got cut off because of payment, he went out and got a TN number.

I'm so sad to realize this is it and i'm about to have a bunch of babies alone. I wish he'd get help.
My ex was an addict and alcoholic, and things got pretty scary a few times. While I can't imagine what it's like to be alone with 3 kiddos, I do know I made it with one. It hasn't been easy, I had to be on a lot of assistance and nearly lost my home, but we made it. Just keep your head up and stay strong. It does get better, even if it takes forever.
Wife to my hero & hero to 2 amazing little men.
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