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Re: Frustrated with DH

Yeeeeeep. My husband is the same way. He leaves everything a complete disaster, and then insults me because I don't clean it up.

I'm sorry, I have THREE children to look after, 98% of the time, by myself... I'm also 9 weeks pregnant and SO sick constantly. I work (from home) as much as I can, but even that takes a lot out of me. I am also responsible for laundry, homework, animals, getting the kids to/from school, bed time, etc. He doesn't do ANYTHING. Nothing. He'll discipline them once in a while if he feels like it... other than that, I do everything by myself.

So excuse me if I happen to not wash ALL of your work clothes and you don't have anything to wear. Get off your a$$ and do something for yourself. I take care of 4 (soon to be 5) other people by myself. Thanks.
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