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I used to be a huge Mini Boden and Boden (for me) fan. I LOVE their design asthetic, it's so cute and whimsical. I've been a customer for years. However I do feel that lately the quality has changed. I've had a lot of things fade and color transfers peel after just one wash. Also the seams have shrunk in wierd ways, and the quality in general just hasn't been as good IMO. I have a lot of stuff in the closet right now I'm disappointed about. I actually am not shopping from that catalog anymore as a result. I also don't shop at Gap or Gymboree anymore for the same reasons- I feel like the prices are high but the quality is low.

I personally think for the money Hanna Andersson is better quality, and Growing Up With Garnet Hill. Not the most affordable options by any means, but within that bracket they are really nicely made clothes. I try to get mostly Hanna stuff on sale, I haven't found it to shrink or fade and the cotton is very soft. It seems to do well wash after wash and my kids are hard on clothes.
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