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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

For me, the "non-Santa" is mostly about teaching them about Christianity and the true meaning of Christmas for us as Christians.

On the "credit" for the gifts things.. it's not really about getting credit for the gifts... more like they realize that I listened and paid attention to what they really wanted, so that they feel like I listen to them, and pay attention to their wants.. and that even though during the rest of year, I usually have to say "no," to getting certain things because we can't afford it.. that I DID pay attention and they got the big "I want this so badly" present after all.

So not about credit as much as them feeling like their wants are important to me. "I want credit for buying presents," is a selfish view, and I don't do it for me. But "I want my child to feel like I listen to him/her and pay attention to their wants, and love them enough to get that big present they've been DYING for..." that's not about ME.. that's about me feeling good that my child is over-the-moon excited.. and my child knows I listen to them. ....I don't know if it's coming out the way I want, so let me know if it's not clear and I'll try again.

God bless!
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