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Re: How to lower water bill

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
Your math doesn't quite add up though. I tried the Wal-mart cheapies. They didn't even hold a tablespoon of ebf poop without leaking. One poopie leak meant his clothing and whatever he touched had to be washed. This would have lead to 2-3 loads of laundry daily the first 2-3 months after my son was born. On average he was pooping hourly. We did use up the pampers diapers the hospital sent home with us. They sent home 4 full packages of 20 diapers each. He went through a package a day. At that rate the first month would have cost us $300. By the third month of this $900. We wanted to use up some cheap diapers someone had given us so I started in on those. He wore 2 and leaked both times. The diapers didn't even absorb anything. The poop and even the pee just ran out his legs. So using those we would have had increased laundering costs as well as diapering costs. When we added up the costs of huggies or pampers plus wipes without the benefit of coupons(I stink at couponing) it came closer to $3000+. This was figureing that by the time he potty trained the cost would have averaged out to $100 a month. The first 3 months making up for the fewer diapers he would have used the last 6 months before potty training.

Not to say I have anything against flats at all. Most of my diapers are flats. My son is in flats 75% of the time. It does allow us to go 3 days between washing instead of 2 days. Just saying no way would we be able to sposie diaper our son for less than $1000. He is currently almost 16 months old. I figure that as of right now sposies would have cost us around $2200.
It depends on the kid. My oldest and youngest leaked EBF poo out of all sposies, regardless of brand, and never in cloth. My second child could wear any sposie or cloth diaper and never leaked. My third leaked equally out of cloth and sposies. So while I agree with your premise that sposies = more leaks for some kids, in my 7 years of diapering experience walmart cheapies are just as absorbant and Pampers are no better for containing messes. My $775 was assuming 8 walmart diapers and 8 Huggies wipes (because I do see a difference in wipes) per day for 2 years. Of course in the beginning we would use 12 diapers and probably 30 wipes a day, and at the end use 5 diapers and maybe 2 wipes a day, so I just averaged it out. As I wrote earlier, that was my experience using my own electrical bill (which I am sure is different than others') and my children's experiences in sposies. Your situation may be different, but it is frustrating to read CD companies claiming that it will save ALL parents several thousand dollars by just buying their products. I spent only $100 on diapers that were used for all four of my children, and they each got their own $100 worth of OS covers (because the PUL died after 2 solid years of hard use) and between that and wipes, wetbags, and electricity usage, we only saved $200 at most by CDing each of our childen.
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