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SOLD!! Lot of EUC Sunbaby and Alvas


Lot of 13 EUC Sunbabies, Alvas, and LPD for $75ppd

I know these diapers work well for many, but we just cannot find a decent fit for our LO. These were purchased brand-new less than 2 weeks ago, used for a week, and are in excellent shape. Zero stains, elastic is great, and each comes with a microfiber insert. Would like to sell the entire lot for $75ppd. I will sell individually, but it would be $6 per diaper + postage in a FLE. Also, some of the PUL lining the pockets is a little sticky, but that doesn't affect function at all.

Sunbabies: yellow circle, pink dot, black dot, pink flower outline (not pictured), pink zoo, red butterly, squares, and white. All are Size 2.

Alvas: purple animal, blue star, purple star, blue monkey AND Lovely Pocket Diaper: blue owl

Really want to keep them as a lot -- so, if you don't like my price, MMARO. These have barely been used.

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