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Originally Posted by Shaunam
Originally Posted by Terra
I'm pretty sure with your attitude and view that people mutilate their child, they wouldn't want to spend time with you as well. No wonder people are turned off by activists who are rude.
Just because she holds that opinion doesn't mean she chooses to use those words when talking to others. Her description of how she deals with it certainly implies she educates in a respectful manner. I think it's mutilation too, but I don't use that word when I educate. But when it comes down to it, if people say nasty things about our kids normal penises, they get what's coming to them. If the reality makes them feel guilty, maybe they should look at themselves and not the person whose opinion made them think.

I've NEVER brought up circ first. It's always other people who bring it up. So if they have the balls to bring it up, considering it's not really any of their business, they should be ready to hear opinions they don't like. Some people believe it's mutilation. I've heard WAY worse coming from the pro-circ crowd. My own sister told me I was "sick" for not circ'ing.
Thanks Shaunam! I thought that earlier reply was pretty rude.

The definition of mutilate is to injure by depriving of or harming a part, so it's a technically accurate description for circumcision. I've never used that word in a conversation with others - as a matter of fact, I already quoted what I DO say in circumstances where the conversation is brought up, and I think it's pretty mild TBH.

I also don't consider myself an "activist" in the least, since I never make mention of it unless someone else brings it up. Also, no one has ever been noticeably "turned off" by what I have to say regarding circumcision.
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