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I hear you on the need to stop buying diapers. I even bought 2 flips and 2 pockets at the seconds sale today. And when I convince myself that I can't buy a diaper I suddenly NEED a wet bag or something.

You just have to step away from the computer, stop thinking about the sale, touch the fluff you have and my make your PayPal password something like 'do I need this'. Or the first letters of a don't buy this stuff acronym. I've taken to making myself busy during the first few minutes of a diaper stocking. If I'm lucky the one I want will be sold by the time my will power breaks down.

My hubby doesn't do the bills and I've bought in drips and drabs but it's about to become seriously obvious that since I've gotten a girl (my 2 big kids are boys) I've developed a serious shopping addiction. It's like cloth diapers were my gateway drug to cuteness. (not that we are in fiscal trouble but the fun money is all going to my fun recently)

Retailers make it way to easy to not realize what your spending, saved credit cards, PayPal login, emailing you to remind you that you have a full shopping cart. It's all a trap.

I know buying is fun (and prefolds DON'T COUNT) but if you think you have a problem you probably do. Or are about to and that is the exact place I'm sitting right now. Good luck!

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