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Originally Posted by waterisntsomething

Wow, I'm surprised thats all the calories it tells you to eat. Mine says 1500 plus 500 for breastfeeding. DS doesn't really eat many solids yet though.
I think she might have under her BF cals. I'm at 1490 calories a day now, and I don't bf so I don't get those.

Oh on a note there is a glitch in the system. Even though you are losing weight once a week go to your diet profile and resave. It does have the right weight but it doesn't seem to updat the proper amoun of calories. I lost 3 lbs last week and had to adjust mine twice.

If you eat to many cals you won't lose so this is a way to watch it. I would just make it your routine when you enter in your weight when lose.

Oh and you have todo it online. It doesn't work from the iPad and phone apps.
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