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Re: Homeschooling check-in

FTingmama~ what's your name? (sorry if you already mentioned!) Also curious to know what curriculum you'll be using.

AFM ( )~ I don't think we did anything yesterday... I actually had a really bad, emotional day. Also spent the afternoon and evening literally RUNNING through my house trying to get stuff done. We have friends coming next week and I realized we are about to double in #. (we are 4 with a dog, they are 4 with a dog) for a week. And the clutter has been driving me crazy so I just started cleaning like a crazy person. I got rid of 2 boxes + a mini play kitchen to the resale shop. Today 1 huge box and 1 huge garbage bag full is going to goodwill, one large box to a friend. Yesterday a huge trash bag went into the garbage... I got SO much done, and my house is actually looking clean and minimal! I'm SO excited! Also, we did end up getting a car! It's a subaru car/sm wagon, currently getting worked on and will be ready next week for us Life is going to be so different being able to leave the house

Next week the kids and I are taking the entire week off. We started before labor day so we can take time off when the weathers nice.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Heather~ I hope your next post is informing us of your labor contractions! Or a new baby in your arms!!

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