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Post Two Beautiful Medium Skirties - Autumn and Christmas

I bought these for my daughter's holiday photos and then never ended up using them. They are GORGEOUS. I would love to see them get a loving home!

Will trade for newborn boy stuff:
Really nice NB wool, prefer coordinating sets with shirts
super cute NB fitteds

Fall Autumn Halloween Thanksgiving Skirtie
skirt length 9" front
waist 18" stretched gently, will cinch down nicely
rise 20"
thigh 12"
$35 PPD

Christmas Holly Winter Holiday Skirtie
skirt length 8" front
waist 19" stretched gently, will cinch down nicely
rise 18"
thigh 10"
The holly is a nice deep, realistic holly green, but it shows up too dark in my photo. I couldn't get the color to cooperate on my camera. The red and very light cream colors do look correct, though.
$45PPD (or both skirties for $72PPD)

BMX racing family of Me, Mr. PerfectForMe, DS (12/04) and DD (2/09) and expecting in 01/13.

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