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Talking Mommy Victory!!

I have very picky eaters. From DH down to the 3 year old. Sigh.

I "forced" the kids to eat their spinach as part of their turkey burger sandwiches today. I would never have been so bold (because I have fought and lost more food fights with them than I care to think about) if DSD and DSS's mother didn't tell me she puts it in their wraps and they eat it. They know they eat it, it isn't hidden or so on. DSS is becoming an adventurous eater so he might pull a face but usually goes ahead and do it. DSD hid hers under the burger and ate it that way - she feels better if she doesn't see the leaves. (I am a bit stubborn here because I believe they should not make it my job to hide the food they know they are eating anyway.)

But the real victory was with the 3 year old! Up to this point I could only get her to eat raw carrots and almost any fruit I've ever offered. I did not have big hopes for her. But I took a gummy vitamin, wrapped it in one leave and said: If you want the vitamin, you have to bite the leave first.

She did it and went on to eat 3 more leaves! Thank God raw baby spinach tastes almost like nothing. Raw carrots. Raw spinach. We are getting better!
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