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Re: Frustrated with DH

Originally Posted by Beccadssmomma View Post
My husband is mostly still that way but I'm working on him.
I told him as long as all the dirty laundry made it down the laundry shute that I'd do wash it all, dry it and put it away. The key word was "get it downstairs." If I find anything of his that he hasn't put away then I just chuck it into the bottom of his closet. It took him a week to figure out why he had no clean socks and pants, and about 30 minutes of searching the house to find them.
I do this. Anything IN the laundry gets washed, including belts, money, ID books etc. Anything NOT in the laundry gets shoved in the bottom of his cupboard. Anything lying around gets one week and is then trashed. He is learning in some areas. Others, he sucks.

I must say, as "problems" go. I would take this one over most. Its mostly frustrating rather then unhappy making.
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