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My insurance is crap and doesn't pay for well child check ups. In fact, they don't pay for jack when we're sick either so I try not to go I the dr unless its really needed. I would never neglect my children but I don't see the point of going to the dr to have them tell me something I already know- they're healthy and growing and developing well.

My kids do have a physician that they see a couple times of year when they're sick. We also see her on a regular basis because her kids are the same age as mine and go to preschool and play sports together. We go in because they're prone to ear infections a couple times of year and they get weighed and listened to and checked over so I've never seen the point of doing well check ups when they go a couple times a year for being sick anyway. Neither have real medical issues or allergies.

I don't get this attitude of needing a paper trail or a rapport in case something happens. What exactly is the meaning of this? In case the kid gets sick and needs to be seen? I get that, so just establish yourself with a PCP. Or are we talking in case you get turned in to DHS for some reason?
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