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Re: Mommy Victory!!

Wow, my daughter doesn't EAT any protein. Well, that is not quite true, she occasionally eats cheese on grilled cheese sandwiches or just plain. Not the Kraft wrapped stuff either... she prefers "real" cheese instead.

Luckily we don't have to worry about her weight. There is no way she'd ever be "failure to thrive" here! 97% for both weight and height. 85% BMI which is 2% or so away from being overweight! (Judging from what the nurse showed me on the chart - my info might be wrong about when the overweight part starts).

She does not need a lot of food. I just wish she'd eat a greater variety of it. The doctor wasn't too concerned and said variety might come with age. I hope she's right. I do keep putting it in front of her though.
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