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Originally Posted by mjg2043
I don't feel judged here or anywhere else. We circd and we would again. People can call it mutilation, abuse, whatever. Its not going to change my mind. Just like I am not going to change theirs.
Yup. We circ for reasons that are important to us. I choose not to explain our reasons, or even discuss the topic on DS, to be honest. But just for this thread, I'll share - DS1 and DS2 were circ'd at birth, and DS3 was left intact (due only to a change in hospital policy that no longer allowed parents to be there for the procedure). He is now 14m old, and has to be circ'd soon for medical reasons (although the hardcore intactivists who received a medical degree from Google University love to tell me there are NO medical reasons for circumcision :eyesrollout:.). DS4 will be circ'd 8 days after birth.

I don't care what intactivists say/think about it. I'm sure they judge me, but that's their problem, not mine .
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