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Originally Posted by jeebee
Seriously, this kid has been a complete nightmare lately. Screaming and chucking a fit for every little thing. Last night was just terrible. 2 hours of her screaming refusing to stay in her room, waking up her sister (they share), yelling at us, me trying to nurse her to calm her down, and then after 45 mins i thought she was asleep, as soon as I left she woke up and started yelling again, it was just terrible. The last couple of weeks have been quite terrible. It's just the terrible twos, I know it's just a phase, but it's not fun! Especially when there is stuff that you know you have put off to do once they are asleep and it is 10:30pm and she is still up!

Anyway tonight as soon as DH and I started saying, 'ok it's time to go get in your bed' she started getting defiant, yelling 'no' etc. Refusing to go basically and I just thought 'Oh here we go again' . So I said 'Well, I am going to call Santa and he doesn't like it when kids don't listen to their parents so he won't bring you any presents for Christmas'. LOL. And the instant I said that, immediately she got up and got right into her bed and we did not hear another murmur from her. It was like magic! I really don't know how I feel about bribing kids like this... but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! I didn't even realise she understood the whole Santa concept, she wasn't even two yet last time he came.

Do you ever use these little white lies to your parental advantage?
In moments where I'm pushed to my limits I've told my older niece and nephew something similar.

It's the same as when your kid is going nuts in the grocery store and you just need to make it to the toilet paper aisle and then you're all done so you hand the little terror a lollipop to keep them quiet.

No one is perfect, and sometimes you just need the break!
"You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart;
that will take your life and light it up or destroy it.
Then, you become a mother."

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