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Re: Parenting Schedule question

Originally Posted by GodLover View Post
Oh yes she will send someone to pick him up from school (she lives an hour away)then Sunday someone meets my DH to exchange.
And of course again doesn't offer us the time even though its court ordered if one of us is going to be away from the child more than 8 hours the time is to be offered to the other parent .
Since this is the case I would ask DSS if he wants to continue to go over there, even though rarely spending the time with her. If he does, I'd consider that his choice. If he doesn't I think you should bring it up with yout lawyer and see about taking her weekends away. Personally I don't think someone deserves weekend custody of a child just so they are there when the parent actually DOES want to see them. It's a perpetual let down She should have to refile when she's ready to actually spend the time with him. Poor guy.
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