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Re: This made me cry first and then made me get out my camera.

Originally Posted by jbug_4 View Post
For the mama's who are hard on themselves, don't like themselves in pictures or don't photograph well (I am definitely one) don't let it stop you. I can look at the worst picture ever taken of my mom or one when she was dog sick getting ready to puke with dark circles under her eyes, or one when she was dying (her death was a surprise but I can't say it was sudden) and all I see is my beautiful mother. The woman who loved me more than life and would do anything for me. I remember her spirit. Not once do I look at a picture (any picture) of her and say "man, she was fat" or "look at the awful hair" or what ever. I only see my beautiful, loving mother who I miss very much. They do make me cry, but they also make me smile. And they are all that my kids have of their grandmother- she died years before they were born, a year before I even met dh. In those pictures dd can see where our noses came from and ds sees where is red hair came from. You don't have to look at your own picture but one day they could be very important to someone else.
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