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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Just because I feel it is mutliation doesn't mean I'm harshly judging every parent that chooses circ. I believe it is mutilation by definition. You can't compare it to breast removal. Usually there's a medical reason for that, and it's done on a consenting adult! I believe most people who circ don't really understand what a foreskin is and why it's there, but it isn't necessarily their fault. Doctors are mostly to blame. They are the ones who keep doing it (without informed consent, at that), even though it's ethically wrong.

I believe it is mutilation. I don't think parents who choose it are bad parents, though I don't agree that the choice they made was a good one. Clear as mud?

It's a society thing. We aren't supposed to judge parents who choose male circ, but if it were foot binding, female circ, tattooing, extreme piercing, scarification, etc our "judgement" would be fine and dandy. How come? What makes it ok in some cases, but not in others? It's because what's done in THIS society we are supposed to accept. Well, that's not a good enough reason for me. What makes our society more "humane" than a society that practices scarification? Why can we cut half a baby's penis skin off and think it's fine, but turn around and talk about other societies and say, "ugh I can't believe they mutilate their children like that". Pot, meet kettle.

I think people use the "but you're judging us!" argument to try and make me be "ok" with male circ. I won't ever be ok with it. I will never believe it should be a parental choice. I will not "agree to disagree". Yes, I judge. Everyone does. But getting all whiny and telling me I'm being judgemental is kind of dumb. We're talking about removing functional tissue from the sex organs of unconsenting babies. You gotta expect some people to be judgemental.

But again, I don't think they are bad parents. Usually, at best, they've been duped by society and misled by doctors.

And again, I never use the term "mutilate" while trying to educate or debate. I know it doesn't work. But I don't see why it can't be used in a thread that is a bunch of women who left their babies intact, talking about the reactions they've gotten. This isn't a debate thread. Or an informative thread. Or a pro-circ thread. If someone who would easily be offended by anti-circ comments stumbles in here out of curiousity...oh well?
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