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Just had a whirlwind foster week -I kept meaning to hop on and type an update but it was crazy cakes so I never did.

Last Friday night at 10pm, I got a call from the after hours placement worker with a placement of a 2 month old baby girl and her almost 4 year old sister who was an inpatient at the hospital with suspected parental abuse (a broken bone). We really only had one opening, but since we still have an exception in place from our last sib set, we could take them. I hestitated for about a half a second, but decided to take them and see how it goes. We currently have two boys the age of the 4 year old and they have historically not done well with placements around the same age, but DH wasn't home and honestly the allure of the teeny tiny squishy was too much to resist.

So I went to the hospital, met bio parents and picked up baby. Saturday 4yr old was released and I picked her up as well. Baby was suuuuuupppppeeerrrrr fussy. She was on special formula and still seemed uncomfortable, I'm guessing reflux but we never got that far. I had appointments with them every day this past week - it was crazy. Four doctor appts, one with child advocacy, the SW, etc. The days just flew by. My whole fam had a great time snuggling with the 9lb little one.

Thursday at court the judge ordered them back with mom, she was in a safe place and lots of services in place. So back to "just my seven" kids. Sigh. Seems quiet. I know, sounds weird but it does.

We still have little G. She's 20 mos and an absolute joy. She really fits in with my kiddos and family, and it's a good thing since it looks like she may be a preadoptive placement. Bios just aren't cooperative with DCFS so far. We have had her 3mos.

So, now I wait for another squishie. I love this life.
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