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Re: Woah Nelly! So that is what ammonia smells like!

We have run a few clean cycles on the washer, with mixed results. I may run another overnight though again. So the first batch of diapers washed with the Target stuff is in the dryer. It took 2 extra washes with nothing to rinse the detergent out. Although it is unscented, it does have a 'smell' to it, and even after 2 extra full washes, I can still smell it a bit. I think the funky smell is gone though. Crossing fingers! And I learned that with this detergent, I need to use a lot less than I am used to with the Tide.

Oh, and I ran a load of towels through the washer last night and they still have a bit if funky smell. Need to figure out what to do with them.

Second batch of diapers is in the washer now, with much less detergent. Hoping that I do not need to run those through additional cycles to get the detergent out. I am okay with one extra rinse after the main cycle.

Another question. Anyone have any experience with Borax leaving a film behind in the washer? DH says he has wiped a weird film away twice recently. He thought it was from baking soda, but when I told him I was not using it in my loads recently, he is not sure now. Thanks!
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